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Granular Chlorine

It contains granules of chlorine, which is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools. There are two types, 56% and 90%. 


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Shine Liquid

It is used in ornamental and swimming pools to make the pool water shine and gain an aesthetic appearance. It is sold in 5 - 10 - 20 liter drums. 

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pH (-) Reducer

In swimming pools, pH is an important factor in water quality. It is used to provide pH balance. It is also available in liquid form. 

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Algae Killer

It is used in ornamental and swimming pools to prevent algae growth. It is sold in 5 - 10 - 20 liter drums. 

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Settling Liquid

In swimming pools, it must be used before vacuuming. It is intended to precipitate suspended particles on the water surface. 

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Test Kit

Test kit is used for manual measurement of pH and chlorine parameters in swimming pools. 

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Liquid Chlorine 

It is used for disinfectant purposes in swimming pools and treatment systems. 

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Tablet Chlorine

It is used as a disinfectant in ornamental and swimming pools. It is used in packages of 1 - 5 - 10 kg. 

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Pool Filter

It is an integral part of the system for filtration purposes in ornamental and swimming pools. It contains minerals that provide filtration. The size of the pool varies according to the volume.

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Pool Pump

It is used to provide circulation in ornamental and swimming pools. Engine power varies according to pool volume.


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Six Way Valve

It is located in the filter mouth. It has positions such as Circulation, Backwash, Rinsing, Discharging, Re-Circulation. Filter cleaning is done by this valve.


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It is the equipment used for the bottom cleaning of the pool. There are 1.5" and 2" varieties. It has an aluminum body. It can be easily moved on the ground thanks to the wheels on its 4 corners.

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Pool Bucket

It is used for cleaning the unwanted substances on the surface of the pools. Thanks to its millimetric mesh pores, it holds the substances inside. 


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Telescopic Stick

The stick designed to hold the broom and pool ladle has a telescopic feature and aims to reach the farthest points of the pool. 

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Vacuum Cleaner Hose

A hose is used while cleaning the bottom of the pool (broom). Available in 1.5" and 2" diameters. 

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This equipment, located at the edges of swimming pools, is for aesthetic and massage purposes. There is a variety of height and width sizes. 

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It is located at the bottom of the pools. The pool water, which is circulated and filtered by means of filters, comes out from the bottom of the pool through nozzles. There are varieties such as stainless steel and plastic.

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Dosing System

Chlorine and pH balance of pools is an important factor for pool water quality. The dosing system keeps the chlorine and pH balance stable without the need for manpower.

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