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Dosing pump

It is used for dosing chemical substances used for treatment during the process in Treatment Systems. It is offered for sale with different pressure and flow rates. Dosing pumps vary according to the chemical used.

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Blower Motor

It is the necessary equipment for the ventilation unit, especially in Biological Treatment Processes. It pressurizes it by absorbing the air in the environment. It is offered for sale according to different flow rates.

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Waste Water Pump

Parts of the pumps used in wastewater, such as body and fan, are designed to be tolerant of acid and solid particles in the wastewater. Pumps that will operate in wastewater should definitely be selected from this category.

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Diffusers are used for ventilation units in Biological Treatment Processes. Disc, Tube, Plate, Panel etc. There are varieties such as Number and type selection should be made during the projecting phase. 

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Package Treatment

Package Treatment Systems are used in wastewater that has low flow rates and does not require chemical treatment .  It has the necessary equipment for stages such as ventilation, balancing and resting.

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